Automatic roll feed HF plastic welding machine
The AT-10 is one of the latest developments in the automation of HF plastic welding. Best features from different plastic welders have been incorporated in to the design of this extremely accurate and fast response welder. The mainframe supports the press, a top mounted generator and control panel making this machine extremely compact. The indexing unit is bolted to the mainframe and consists of a simple harmonic indexer with a soft but positive clamping action which can pull up to 6 rolls of film simultaneously. The soft clamp will adjust to the non-uniform contour of multi layer film. The roll holder consists of four unique horizontal single mounted mandrels which permit quick and easy loading of rolls with suitable guides and independent end of roll trip with indicator.

380 - 440V 3 phase 50Hz electrical supply
10 bar air supply

Optional extras
Extra roll holders
Heated platen
Cooled platen
7 day timer switch

Mechanical Specification

Construction Modular. Fabricated steel frame, panels and guards
Press Pneumatically activated
Press stroke Adjustable from 50mm to 150mm
Clamping force 1800Kg
Index Hydro pneumatic, adjustable from 0 to 900mm
Index accuracy Better than 0.2mm
Rotating barrier Loop length 8 Metres
Roll holder 4 rolls, W 600mm, diameter 300mm

Electrical Specifications

Maximum power output 10Kw
Full load consumption 14A per phase
Standby consumption 600W
Mains protection Overload cut out
Frequency 27.12 MHz
Oscillator valve Ceramic
Rectifier Solid state
Process timers Synchronous motor type
Control chassis printed circuit : plug in relays

Maximum length 5.2M
Maximum width 1.3M
Maximum height 1.9M
Platen size D 900mm, W 600mm
Weight 1150Kg
Relco auto roll feed

Modular construction, printed circuit chassis
using plug-in relays
End of roll: Independent trip indicator and
bypass for each roll
Index: Simple, harmonic action will not
snatch film
Soft film clamps to protect film
Rotating barrier for good film support
Side mandrel for ease of roll loading
Extremely compact top mounted generator
Synchronous pre-weld, weld and dwell timers
Over load and over temperature protection
Built in air filter and air lubricator
Built in ultra fast arc limiter
Accuracy better than 0.2mm

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