AT 354 - 5Kw Automatic Indexing - Extended Tray In this form, out P50 Welder is converted into a versatile Automatic Welding Machine, suitable to weld small tarpaulins, screens, curtains & blinds up to a total weld length of 3600mm. This is achieved by the tray indexing in steps of 600mm at a time and automatically, with each index, preset weld and dwell times come into operation.

380 - 440V 3 phase 50Hz electrical supply
7 - 10 bar air supply

Mechanical Specification

Press Actuation Pneumatic
Press Stroke Adjustable up to 75mm
Daylight Maximum of 140mm
Pressure Adjustable up to 544 Kg (1200Lb) at 7 Bar
Depth Stop Positive with micrometer adjustment
Air requirement Typically 0.002 cu.M (0.08 cu. ft) per index
Construction Welded square section stell frame, steel panels, aluminium head

Electrical Specification

H.F power output 5Kw
Frequency 27.12MHz
Current At full load, 10A per phase (3 phase)
Rectifiers Solid state
Oscillator valve Ceramic


Top electrode Typically 600mm long x 10mm wide
Lower platen 660mm x 406mm (26" x 16")
Height 1727mm (68")
Weight 465Kg (1025 Lb)
Relco AT354

Automatic R.F. overload protection with warning
light and reset button
Accuracy of index achieved by positive clamping
and good tray guides
Plug in PCB's and relays for easy servicing
Faster than conventional welding machines
Ultra-sensitive arc limiting to extend tool life
Easy operation - Very user friendly
High accuracy and repeatability
Automatic weld control

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