7 - 9 - 15Kw Anvil Bridge Press
This well proven equipment was designed to overcome the limitations encountered with "C" type presses when handling a large bulk of material in a limited throat space. The 1270mm (50") opening eases the flow of material in large quantities whilst the 625mm (25") high anvil facilitates manoeuvring for handling difficult corner welds and large curves etc. Alternative welding tool configurations are available. This narrow press design is also easily adaptable for other applications such as the joining of CONVEYOR BELTS and the welding of FLIGHTS. For this purpose the anvil is replaced by a narrow platen spanning the 1270mm (50") opening.


380 - 440V 3 phase 50Hz electrical supply (other voltages available)
Full load consumption, typically (7Kw 17A/ph, 9Kw 20A/ph, 15Kw 17A/ph)
Standby consumption of .75Kw


Construction Fabricated steel square section frame
Clamping force 102mm (2 x 4") pneumatic cylinders, clamping force 1140Kg at 7 Bar
Press operation Foot pedal, servo valve
Air requirement Typically 0.003 cu.M (0.12 cu.ft) per lift
Press stroke Adjustable from control panel. 152mm (6") max to 12.5mm (1/2") min
H.F. Power Adjustable from 1kw to full power
Frequency 27.12MHz
Oscillator valve Ceramic
Rectifier Solid state
Process timers Weld & Dwell synchronous time elapsed
Control chassis Removeable PCB's with plug in relays


Top electrode tool Typically 610mm x 25.4mm (24" x 1")
Bottom platen Typically 610mm x 510mm (24" x 20")
Dimensions Length 2000mm (78"), Width 610mm (24"), Height 2134mm (84")
Working Area With anvil removed 1270mm x 1270mm (50" x 50")
Anvil height 635mm (25")
Weight Dependant on model, approx. 550Kg (1212Lb)
Anvil bridge press

Stroke adjustable from 12.5mm to 152mm by
simple control on front panel
Output overload protection with warning light
and reset button
Arc limiter, ultra sensitive for minimal damage
Grid switching to eliminate contactor wear and
improve reliability
Easy maintenance with printed circuit boards
and plug in relays
Mains On / Off switch with automatic overload
Alignment marker light for locating materials

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