Foot Pedal Plastic Welding System
The F35 is the basic module in the family of machines which can be adapted as production requirements change, e.g. modify to pneumatic, add shuttle trays, rotary index table and / or automatic roll feed systems. The equipment is robustly constructed with a very positive steel head mounting slide formed with a double "V" mechanism designed for accuracy and long life. For seaming type work, a small tool mount is recommended, giving good visibility and access of the work area. Alternatively for other applications an appropriate large mount can be supplied, giving rigid support over a wide tool area. Facilities are also available to increase the throat space, where excess materials have to be positioned behind the tooling. The F50 is an uprated version of the F35, dimensionally identical but with an output rating of 4.8Kw

380 - 440V 3 phase 50Hz electrical supply (single phase version available)
10 Amps per phase

Mechanical Specification

Stroke Adjustable up to 50mm
Depth of sink Adjustable micrometer
Daylight Adjustable up to 140mm
Pressure Adjustable to 290Kg
Press Easy action through pedal / toggle
Construction Fabricated steel frame & cladding with cast aluminium head etc.

Electrical Specification

Maximum power output 3.5Kw or 4.8Kw (F-50)
Frequency Stabilised 27.12MHz +- 0.6%
Oscillator type Cavity with ceramic valve
Rectifiers Solid state
Maximum line current 10A per phase
Control circuit Single plug-in printed circuit board using solid state logic circuitry
Timer Synchronous type weld counter
Press button Optional interlock for added safety


Work table 660mm x 406mm
Working height 840mm
Overall height 1730mm
Weight 250Kg


Footpedal welder

H.F. Overload protection with warning light and
reset button
Mains On / Off switch with automatic overload
24V control circuit based on easily exchangeable
PCB's and solid state circuitry
Built in Arc sensor - ultra sensitive and fast action
Many options to enhance productivity
Easy action to reduce operator fatigue

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