RP 9 - Rotary Index Table In the RELCO family of HF welders, the RP9 is the mid-range rotary index machine. The design incorporates all necessary features to achieve FAST, ACCURATE and RELIABLE welding over a broad product programme. Additional operations such as Print Stations and Pick and Place Robots can readily be incorporated where manufacturing schedules apply. The unique mechanical design of the "C" frame press produces very high pressures for minimal air consumption. This is achieved with a very fast movement during the free fall giving way to a controlled build-up to maximum pressure during the weld cycle, thus giving ideal welding conditions. The HF generator is of latest design based upon easily exchangeable printed circuit boards and a 24V control system. The RP9 is available with alternative generators e.g. 6 & 12 Kw as well as different platen sizes and rotary table configurations.

380 - 440V 3 phase 50Hz electrical supply (unless otherwise specified)
7 - 10 bar air supply

Mechanical Specification

Stroke Variable - 120mm Maximum
Index speed Variable - 1.5sec / station
Index mode options Automatic / Manual / Shuttle 90 deg
Daylight Variable - 250mm Maximum
Pressure In excess of 3 ton
Construction Fabricated steel frame & cladding

Electrical Specification

Maximum power output 9Kw
Frequency Stabilised 27.12MHz
Oscillator type Cavity with ceramic valve
Rectifiers Solid state
Maximum line current 20A per phase (see manual for external fuse rating)
Power Control Manual with Servo / Auto option
Timers Pre-weld, Weld cycle, Dwell and rotation delay
Interface robots etc. As necessary


Height 1800mm
Table working height 830mm
Platen - heated option available 700mm x 500mm
Weight 680Kg
Rotary table welder

Available in 4 or 6 station versions
Available with alternative generators
(eg. 6 & 12Kw)
Available with different platen sizes
and rotary table configurations
Adjustable stroke from 120mm with
novel tool setting facility
Output overload protection with warning
indicator and reset button
Mains on / off switch with automatic
overload cut-out
Arc limiter, ultra sensitive for minimal
Depth of sink control with micrometer
Easier maintenance with PCB's and
plug in relays
Robust barrel cam index mechanism

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