ST 10 - Twin tray plastic welding machine The ST-10 is a highly efficient plastic welding machine, offering every facility for optimising productivity and manufacturing quality. The twin side loading trays can be supplied for Powered or Manual operation. Other features are available, including Automatic Power Control and a Heated Platen, which has an electronic temperature control giving high accuracy for consistent welding. The control console is placed for good visibility and easy accessibility. The lockable cabinet below the platen has ample space available for the convenient storage of welding tools. Serviceability is a prime consideration of the ST-10, with easy access available to all parts of the machine. Safety features of the ST-10 include gates on each side of the platen so that RF emissions are minimised from all directions.

380 - 440V 3 phase 50Hz electrical supply
7 - 10 bar air supply

Mechanical Specification

Stroke Variable - 200mm max
Depth of sink Precision adjustable stop
Daylight (nominal) 200mm
Pressure In excess of 2.5 tonnes
Construction Fabricated steel frame & cladding

Electrical Specification

Maximum power output 10Kw
Frequency Stabilised 27.12MHz +- 0.6%
Oscillator type Cavity with ceramic valve
Rectifiers Solid state
Maximum line current 20A per phase
Controls Timers as appropriate for pre-weld, weld & dwell,
Arc sensor Ultra high speed with separate indicator lamp
Heated platen (optional) Mains filter, weld cycle switching and earth leakage protection
Auto power control (optional) Auto / Ma switch, position indicator and run back memory position function. Weld counter


Height 1860mm
Top platen 950mm x 660mm
Weight 1200Kg
Plastic welding machine

Adjustable stroke to 200mm with novel
tool setting facility
Output overload protection with warning
indicator and reset button
Mains on / off switch with automatic
overload cut-out
Arc limiter, ultra sensitive for minimal
Depth of sink control

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