TL 7 - Double Shuttle bridge press
This welder is one of the company's proven best selling presses. This popular shuttle press with its well designed even power distribution throughout the platen is ideal for the welding of low gauge material as used for baby pants and medical products. It also allows some of the more difficult materials to be welded easily, such as blister packing. The press is fast acting and extremely efficient.

380 - 440V 3 phase 50Hz electrical supply
20 Amps per phase
Standby consumption of .75Kw
20 Lt free air per stroke

Twin Tray bridge press
Twin push button operation
Operating frequency 27.12MHz
Mains on / off switch with automatic overload
Mains on, R.F on indicators
Automatic R.F. Overload protection with warning light and reset button
Preweld, weld & dwell process timers - synchronous motor type
Digital power level control with side lock
Output power meter
R.F. on / off switch
5 digit resettable counter
Start, stop, reset push buttons
Pneumatic pressure control and indicator - operates on 4-10 Bar
All steel box section mainframe of welded construction
Finished in stove enamel hammertone blue
Automatic air filter and lubricator (self drain) fitted as standard


Basic machine 1415 x 1340 x 574 Deep
Overall width double trays 2030
Tray size 710 x 610
Platen size 710 x 520
Working height 914
Weight 450Kg
Double shuttle bridge press

Modular construction for simplified maintenance
Low tray height, reducing operator fatigue
Plug in PCB's and relays for easy servicing
Grid switching to eliminate contactor wear
Ultra-sensitive arc limiting to extend tool life
Integral generator reduces floor space
Power level indicator for easier setting and monitoring
Electronic height control reduces setting time
Optional heated platen for improved welding on
rigid PVC
Optional power trays for minimum operator effort
Logic circuitry to safeguard work and the operator
24V control circuitry for additional operator safety

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