TM 20, TM 25 - TM30 Hydraulic Bridge Press + Powered Loading Trays
The RELCO TM20 is a highly compact HF welding machine which is suitable for a wide range of applications in the automobile industry, inflatables, medical mattresses, nursery furnishings and extra large sample swatches etc. The hydraulic press enables the fast action and high pressures required for difficult materials and lay-ups. The construction is adaptable for other applications e.h. Increased daylight to 610mm (24") for automobile carpets. The electronic circuitry incorporates the very latest technology to achieve maximum efficiency from the H.F. Output which, combined with the mechanical features, enables optimum productivity.

380 - 440V 3 phase 50Hz electrical supply (other voltages available)
Full load consumption, typically (20Kw 38A/ph, 25Kw 45A/ph)
Standby consumption of 1.6Kw

Mechanical Specification

Construction Welded square section steel frame. Reinforced steel bottom platen. Cast aluminium top platen. Hinged / Removeable control cubicle.
Hydraulic cylinders 2 x 83mm (3 1/4") bore with through shaft
Stroke 203mm (8")
Hydraulic power Integral power pack with multi-stage pumps.
Pressure In excess of 7 tonne

Electrical Specification

H.F power output Adjustable from 3Kw to full power
Frequency 27.12MHz
Process timers Synchronous with elapsed time display. Weld & Dwell + preweld for heated platen
Rectifiers Solid state
Osclilator valve Ceramic
Control circuit 24V removable PCB's with plug in relays etc.


Upper platen Typically 750 x 1600mm (30" x 63")
Lower platen 915 x 1640mm (36" x 65")
Height 1900mm (75")
Weight Approx. 2 tonne
HF Welder picture

Compact size with ability to reduce for transit / siting
Automatic power control
Power trays for controlled speed & fatigue reduction
High speed arc limiter & overload protection
Adaption for larger trays & increased daylight etc.
Robust construction for off centre welding
Higher power options (25Kw, 30Kw)
Control cabinet removable for transit when necessary

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