HF Dielectric Generators   

Dielectric generator   Relco dielectric

Relco manufacture a range of HF Dielectric Generators in both 27.12MHz and 13.11MHz in power ranges from 500W through to 30kW. All equipment includes the Relco Auto Tuning system, full overload protection and ultra fast arc limiting. Relco Dielectric Generators can be used for a variety of applications from wood glue curing, material/ceramics drying, softening plastics, defrosting food, sterilising, plasma etching and many other purposes.

How HF Heating Works
An HF dielectric generator produces an alternating electrical field between two electrodes. When the product is placed between the electrodes, this field causes the molecules within the material to oscillate. This oscillation results in friction between the particles which generates heat. HF provides a means for heat to be produced within the substance which one wishes to heat as opposed to the considerably less efficient methods of conduction or convection.
Why Use HF Heating ?
Not only does HF give vastly increased efficiency it can also be targeted very accurately so as to allow one part of a product to be heated very quickly without damaging the integrity of the surrounding areas, a quality which makes it ideal for plastic welding. HF also provides one of the most efficient means of drying available, by careful tuning of the electromagnetic field, H2O molecules can be made to oscillate, heating up until they evaporate. Due to the nature of HF, the most power is automatically targeted at areas with the greatest concentration of water producing a uniform drying effect.

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