Super magnet sealer
High performance designed with two independent timers, one for sealing, the other for cooling. Using electromagnetic hold assuring consistent results. Sealing up to 2 x .25mm polypropylene, polythene, P.V.C. & other packaging materials.

Options include
Bowden cable link to foot pedel.
Pneumatic clamp operated by foot electric switch. Additional heating element in top clamping jaw. Cut off wire in centre element of top clamp jaw. Work table, work stand, horizontal or vertical. Code seal - text, firm name or code impressed seal.

Voltage: 230
Seal width: 4mm

Model SMS 350
Weight 11Kg
Rating 225W
Length 300mm
Model SMS 500
Weight 12Kg
Rating 325W
Length 500mm
Model SMS 700
Weight 17Kg
Rating 425W
Length 700mm
Model SMS 1000
Weight 22Kg
Rating 600W
Length 1000mm
Magnet sealer

Simple to operate
Consistent weld strength
Efficient (power only taken during weld cycle)
Package includes timer, signal lamp, 13 Amp
plug, 2 spare elements and barrier tape
Competitive prices with quantity discounts
Ideal for sealing PE & PP plastic bags

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