Company Profile   

Our History
Relco is a leading manufacturer of radio frequency generators and induction heating units with over 30 years experience in the industry. We design and build RF generators for a variety of applications such as plastic welding, bonding and drying and have also been involved in the development of equipment for a number of other processes.

RELCO Developments
Our induction cap sealers are some of the most technically advanced units available, the product range features a variety of machines which have been developed both for incorporation into production lines and stand alone use. Although some of our equipment is build to order, we do carry most of our popular products in stock and can deliver machinery at relatively short notice.

Equipment Leasing
Relco also offers a unique equipment leasing service where we will provide machinery for periods of 3 months or more and give a complete free, parts and labour maintenance service.

Customer Support
Although all of our products are build to the highest standards using only the best components, we carry nearly all spare parts in stock and are able to provide our customers (both within the UK and overseas) the benefit of our rapid response service team. Our free technical support desk is also available to provide practical solutions to our client's problems and is only ever a phone call away.